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They'll all fall

Monday, December 27, 2004

Low energy vs high energy game

Sir Italian posts about pick up videos, and in passing comments on his own game that he runs lower energy game than the people in the video.

I also generally run fairly low energy game - and I think I get better results that way than trying to go "high energy". There's a simple reason: I've got little "high energy" material and infinite amounts of "low energy" material, because that's just being me.

This lose me a number of initial pickups from approaches, but has the advantage that I can keep girls around. I've kept some FBs for years, and have girls I've skipped (but kept up my normal very occasional interaction with) that indicate interest for years afterwards. If the attraction had been built on routines that are high energy and I'd switched to low energy afterwards, I doubt I could have done that.


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