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Sunday, February 20, 2005

(outlink) Warp My Mind

OK, another weird hypnosis site coming up: "Warp My Mind".

The site is the most complete example I have seen of "Lifestyle hypnosis" - using hypnosis for the alternative lifestyles (BDSM etc). It has a large MP3 and script collection, including some that can be interesting for "mundanes" (aka normal people). I'll take the time to quickly note the specifics that seem interesting to me:

For becoming a better seducer, I think the "Instant Jock" files could help. These turn your interests over to bodybuilding, drinking, sports, and sex. I personally think the cost of losing my other interests is too high, but to each his own.

Of even more interest is the "Sexy man trigger" - this makes you feel as sexy as at all possible on command, including the confidence. This one is going into my repertouire.

"GoldTime" (letting you see all girls as covered in gold and, if you want to, naked) seems fun - I'm going to test it.

The arousal (automatically make person horny), bimbo (make girl into bimbo on command and have her forget afterwards), and "Horny schoolgirl" (should be obvious) could be fun; I'll probably study these, as they fit with games I play with some girlfriends.

The experience trigger seems useful for automatic training; it sounds similiar to Brian David Phillips' "Memory Machine", letting you absorb skills just by watching others perform them.

Some of the other files are interesting as inspiration; the above are the only ones I might end up using verbatim.


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    By Blogger Midnight, at 5:50 PM  

  • Haha I love that page. I had a client who was an infantilist and he reported having some interesting results using the infantlism files on warp my mind.

    Though I must say, no other fetish creeps me out as much as infantilism so just looking at the site can be an anchor that gives me the creeps.

    By Blogger Midnight, at 5:50 PM  

  • Cool to hear they work!

    Anyway: I find infantilism creepy too. That and scat are the two things I can think of where I really need to turn on my "I'm just an observer" mode.

    Sharing techniques: I have a sort of mental trick where my mind is partitioned; one part which reads/sees/imagines all that stuff, another part where my disgust lives which I do not let see the other part. I do not know if that is enough to reproduce; I have "just done it" for about 20 years, getting better and better at it over the years.

    I've also tuned the strength of general "disgust" down on purpose, replacing it with a careful evaluation of each case. I see the evolutionary point of "Disgust" to be avoiding cases where it is easy to pick up disease, and evaluate for that before doing something that could be considered disgusting, as well as trying to adjust the disgust feeling up for anything dangerous, and down for anything that's safe after all.

    Oh, and thanks for posting :-)

    By Blogger Eek, at 8:31 PM  

  • I doubt that the Jock files would help someone become a better seducer or even better at communicating or attracting women in general . . . one aspect of the files is to lower IQ . . . jock in this sense does not mean excellent in sports or highly skilled it means big dumb jock. Unless that's your goal and you really want to attract the kind of women to whom that sort of person is appealing, you might wish to give it a miss. EMG (Evil Mindwarp Guy) also has an email list at http://groups.yahoo.com/warpmymind/ . . . . . my Memory Machine file is an audio version of the Vicarious Experiential Memory Machine process, basically a form of Deep Trance Identification that I use with clients for Deep Trance Modelling for learning new skills. It can also be great for "recreational" use (by experientially entering a video game or movie of . . . ahem . . . interesting content). - Brian . . . http://briandavidphillips.typepad.com/brian

    By Blogger Brian David Phillips, at 2:05 AM  

  • Hypnosis techniques have also changed through the times but the basic requirements are the same. The subject must be willing and must have trust in the one doing the hypnotizing. This often takes several sessions to establish this bond and without it the hypnosis techniques will not work.

    By Anonymous Self Hypnosis Techniques, at 9:20 PM  

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