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They'll all fall

Monday, March 06, 2006

(outlink) Extramarital Affairs

OK, first of all, I consider extramartial affairs to be a dubious idea at best. Unless you can square it with your partner (in which case it isn't an extramartial affair any more), I think it's way better to work on the relationship itself, taking whatever courses and learning whatever new skills you need to make the relationship work. You can even bring in a new person (of your own gender) as a nice surprise for your partner, and spice it all up by your own slight tingling of jealousy.

However, if you don't feel able to stay inside the relationship, the website Philanderers.com has a guide to Extramarital Affairs..... Long or Short term, with tips for those that want to conduct one. The tips seems quite sound, for a basically unsound idea...


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